Off-Road Driving

The iconic Australian Outback experience has an allure for both local residents and international guests.

Our bush tracks and destinations garner headlines throughout the automotive world, not only as tests of man and machine, but also for their brilliant visuals – photos and videos shot in Australia generate internet traffic and magazine sales like no other destination.

But the huge distances, rough terrain and dangerous wildlife mean you need expert support to ensure a pleasurable experience for guests and staff.

MSR has unequalled experience in conducting outback off-road, on-road and camping adventures for automotive industry VIPs.

Working with you and your technical team, our meticulous route planning will ensure your guests get the true “Aussie Outback” experience, while simultaneously enjoying the abilities of your vehicles. No matter what sort of vehicle you are promoting, we can design an outback drive experience to ensure positive feedback from all of your guests.

And our overnight campsites can be tailored according to your budget to provide suitable comfort for all guests, while still capturing the “night under the stars” experience.