On-Road and Race Circuit Test Drives

For automotive companies, getting journalists, customers and VIPs in the driver's seat of a vehicle is a non-negotiable part of new model introductions.

MSR is the recognised industry leader in planning and management of these events, with our reputation demonstrated in our broad client base.

We have conducted hundreds of new model drive programs and along the way have sourced imaginative routes and activities in every capital city and countless major rural locations.

Whether your new product is targeting urban dwellers, those in the country or performance vehicle fans, we can design and conduct a drive program to build a positive image for your vehicle.

And not all of our events have been about enthusiastic driving – we have run many low-speed events to promote low fuel consumption and other ‘green-biased’ initiatives.

Often our clients have asked us to run multiple events to cater for large numbers of customers or conduct a national roadshow with drive routes in every capital city, plus provincial centres like Albury, Newcastle or Ballarat. MSR has the national resources to undertake these sorts of events.